8 Minutes
Black and White

Rebeka, twenty months old, is both fascinated with and afraid of going down the slide. She goes through the breathtaking motions of a toddler about to undertake a major first time experience. She narrates her own story three years later from the mature perspective of a four-year-old.

Music The Keeper and the Doe performed by Pete Seeger.

Educators find the subject and length of this film perfect for the classroom. It can inspire stories and poems about first time experiences, early childhood memories or important events in a student’s life. For younger children it can be a point of departure for dramatic activity and artwork.

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First Place Winner Best Educational Film
Athens International Film Festival
Athens, Ohio


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"A gem from start to finish. A complete and moving experience. Rich and succinct."

Erik Barnouw, Media Historian
Documentary, Tube of Plenty et. al.

"A very popular film enjoyed by children, parents and teachers. Works beautifully with pre-schoolers and primary age children, particularly because the story is told from the point of view of the child."

Jim Karge, Head of Children's Services
Crandall Public Library
Glens Falls, New York